Vintage Car Carriers: In With The New, Out With The Old

I found these pictures fascinating. It’s two car carriers, from the Barton-Robison company, one hauling a load of fresh new ’33 or ’34 Fords, and the other one hauling off old used cars from the aughts and early teens. Were these old ones going to be resold or scrapped. Some of them look too old to be of any value anymore, given their age.

Here’s a closer look at the old ones:

I’m not going to try to identify them; maybe one of you is up to that. I know a curved dash Olds and one or two others from that era, but it quickly gets very challenging.

Here’s one more of another Barton-Robison rig, a Ford Model AA truck hauling some more new Fords. It’s got 40 hp under its hood. I’m guessing 25 mph was its top speed, on a flat.