Car Lot Outtake – Fattie Twin Caddies And Other Fat Cats

There seems to be an unlimited interest in Caddies, Buicks, and other big boats here on CC. Now I just happened to come across a few of them the other day, including another set of twins. But these are opposite of the Metros in every way possible, except for being two of them. True Americans indeed; maybe just about the most American car ever. There is a car lot in Conroe, TX. that seems to like them. If you want a fat Caddie or Buick just come on down; it’s just thirty miles north of the biggest city in the South.

 It just needs some Texas longhorn horns on the hood. I have no idea what the prices are, but maybe he’d throw in the itty-bitty Metro if you buy the Caddie; stick it in the trunk as a spare. When the price isn’t showing I always get the feeling it’s probably too high.

These cars don’t really belong with the Caddies. They aren’t nearly as clean. but how often do you see lovely rear ends like these staring at you?

Now of course if you’re too good for Cadillacs, here’s just the thing. They both have big lazy OHV V8s and Hydramatics, so there’s nothing to worry about in terms of things going wrong or getting it repaired in Conroe.  Parts? There’s an Auto Zone down the street. And if they give you a hard time, just yank out the drive train and drop in a Chevy 350/350 combo. Who’d ever know? If under-hood looks matter that much, just rig up a manifold to feed the Chevy with the twin SUs. Wouldn’t that be a first?

The proprietor wasn’t real friendly. I had taken a few pictures when he came out of his air conditioned office. Not to worry though. I told him I was visiting from Eugene, Oregon, and that my name was Paul. From the look he gave me, I’m not too sure he’d heard of it. Is that in America? Sort of.