Cohort Sighting: 1956 Bedford A Series Truck – A Mutated Chevy

Our intrepid NZ Cohort Bryce shot this 1956 Bedford A Series truck, and called it a “Kiwi Classic”. Some of us more familiar with the famous Chevy “Advance Design” series of truck that first arrived in 1948 might call it something else: a curious mutation of the Chevy. The basic cab and hood shape is intact, and I have no doubt the doors would interchange, but from there, things start to get a bit funny. The windshield is unlike the original, with two discrete panes, clearly not looking something that originated in GM’s design studios.  The front axle has obviously been set back, undoubtedly for practical reasons.

And the hood now has a seam in it. I suspect the sheet metal presses weren’t large enough to handle the Chevy hood’s size and shape.