CC Double-take: Nash Metropolitans – Almost Twins, Almost American, Almost a Story

There may be a lot of people who can tell a better story about cars than I can. So I just find them, snap pictures, share, and then let you tell the stories. “Division of labor” is a concept I really can get behind. Well, the other day I ran through a time warp and at first I though I had run into twin midgets; not so, unless we assume all twins dress alike, or at least wear the same cap. The first one is a ragtop.

And this one is the hardtop; quite the matching set. Now we need only the station wagon version to make the family complete. At least it didn’t confuse folks as to whether it was coming or going, but only whether it really existed (not).

These two may look American, and were sold by American Motors, designed by Americans, built especially for Americans, had a bigger brother named “American”, and located right here in America, but (as I suppose most of you know) they aren’t really American (Metro CC here).  Very short Brits trying to slip through Immigration by wearing baggy American clothes, perhaps? The Ali G of cars?

A kid I worked with in high school had one of these…let’s see, was it the ragtop or hardtop? Not the wagon, that I’m fairly sure of. Anyway, my old Chevy picked him up more than once after surefire British dependability had let him down. Uh, oh–is that considered a story? That’s your call. I’ll just shut up and listen.