Car Show Capsule: 1956 Cadillac Flower Car – How’s THAT For Different?

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Car cruises can get a little dull; all those boring street rods, multiple Mustangs, caches of Camaros and Corvettes. But what keeps me coming back are those daring folks who actually pick a car they like, rather than what the cool kids Boomers are driving. Like a 1956 Cadillac flower car by Superior. Talk about a bubbletop!


If this car looks familiar, it is because one just happened to be in a rather famous film–which I’m sure most of you can identify. Could the 1956 Cadillac have been the high-water mark for Cadillac in the ’50s? I could love them solely for that cool “Nineteen-Fifty-Six” script above the glovebox! Of course, I will not argue how excellent the 1963-64 models were–and are.

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As you can see, it was getting dark when I shot this Cadillac, but I had to share it with everyone. These can’t have been very numerous back in the ’50s, and who knows how many survive.

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Do they still make flower cars? Considering that they are coachbuilders, I’m sure S&S or Superior would build you a new one from a Caddy or Lincoln–but how would that look in an XTS or MKS/MKT?


To answer my own question, yes, they are indeed still made, but while the DTS version above looks pretty good, I am not sure an XTS or MKS version would translate as well. I imagine there is a low take rate among funeral homes in this day and age for this type of vehicle.


If I may digress even further, would you believe there is a “sedan” conversion of the Lincoln MKT? Whoa!


And here’s the back. I wonder how S&S, Eureka, Superior and other specialty coachbuilders took the demise of the Town Car, and how much more difficult it is sectioning a unit-construction car rather than a BOF Panther. Well, I have to give them points for creativity! I think our ’56 has these new ones beat in the looks department.

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