CC Court, Part 2: The Rest Of Them

CC 215 017 925

This cheerful Super Beetle is sporting a very vintage racing stripe, the likes I haven’t seen in a very long time. Remember Baja Beetles? It was an option package for ’72 Super Beetles; silver paint, nice alloys, and a similar stripe along its flanks. They used to be common in CA, but haven’t seen one in ages.

CC 215 018 925

There’s more than a VW and a pink flamingo here. An old International pickup without a bed; Eric or someone will peg its vintage.

CC 215 019 925

A Mustang GT is hiding behind it and that S10.

CC 215 020 925

And out front is an eclectic pair. The tasty Accord coupe is of a desirable vintage; these are some of the best of that long line of Accords. A true CC-worthy mailbox post too.

CC 215 021 925

And here’s perhaps the cream of the crop, a very cheerfully painted Cornbinder 1310 double cab truck. I’ve seen this around town for many years; I suspect it will outlive me. You just don’t let one of these fall apart.

CC 215 023 925

Not surprisingly, the owner(s) of this collection prefers stick shifts. It looks like the truck got converted to one, as it still has the automatic shifter quadrant on the column.

CC 215 022 925

This is a hard-working no-nonsense truck. And across the street is the home of the Bacon Nation food cart, which has set up shop just a few blocks down the street from our house. Haven’t tried it yet, but I hear it’s good.