Car Show Classic: 1966 Plymouth VIP – Playing Hard to Get (The Parts, Anyway)


Tom Klockau’s CC this morning about the 1967 Plymouth VIP reminded me of my first-ever VIP sighting. I was passing through Peru, Indiana, one Saturday six years ago to find the main street through town closed for a little car show. Of course, I stopped to look – and there it was. This one’s from 1966, the VIP’s inaugural year.

Incredibly, I didn’t know about the VIP until just a few days before, when I came upon this old TV spot for the VIP on Dailymotion.


The fellow who restored this car talked with me briefly. When I told him that I saw an old TV ad for the VIP on Dailymotion, his jaw dropped. He said he’d had a terrible time finding information about the car, and that parts were especially hard to come by. He pointed out how the trim strips didn’t quite line up (you can see it in the photo above) as an example. He also showed me where one trim strip was scuffed, and said it was the best he could find anywhere. Despite the challenges he faced getting parts, I think he did a nice job on his car.


With extra sound deadening and a cushier interior over the lesser Furys on which it was based, the VIP was poised to go head-to-head against the Chevrolet Caprice and the Ford LTD. We all know how that turned out for Plymouth.