Car Show Classic: 1974 AMC Javelin – Six Shooter


(first posted 8/6/2013)    I’ve already reported on the Canton, South Dakota Car Show, but I felt the need to place a spotlight on this very original 1974 AMC Javelin. Since it was the last year for the Javelin, perhaps someone felt the need to save it for posterity. This initial view shows the car includes factory correct body color, stripes, and wheel covers.


The interior also appears to be factory original. Any owner who did not value a bone stock appearance would have replaced that ugly steering wheel the day after purchase!


But here’s the absolute proof of originality- A single barrel, push-rod actuated, 258 cubic inch, straight six. Look closely- Even the oil filter is branded “AMC.” Thanks to this pedestrian motor residing in a hot pony car body, this Javelin merits the title, “Curbside Classic.”