Car Show Capsule: A Genuine Retired Rampside

So many car shows, so many cars, so many photos taken. I still have approximately two hundred pictures from car shows from summer 2012, and have not had time to write them up for CC. New job, less time for CC; you know how it goes. So, new plan: I’m going to highlight some of the most memorable of them over the next month or so. We’re technically in spring right now, so let’s celebrate the upcoming car show season with this retired Rampside.

As you know, the Rampside, along with the Econoline Pickup, was meant as a challenge to the VW Type 2, but neither truck made it to the end of the decade. The 95/Rampside/Greenbrier were replaced with the more conventional Chevy Van–but alas, not in a pickup version. They might have been more practical, but they were not as cool.

Yes, you are looking at a vehicle that was in daily use through 2001, though I imagine during the last decade or two it had a pretty easy life. It was displayed at the great Geneseo Car Show last year.

This one still bears the bumps and bruises of forty years of service, but that made it all the more endearing to me. It was not clear whether Davis Oil Company was a gas station or an oil distributor, but clearly, this was a good truck to have when you needed to load 55-gallon drums–just not too many, what with the varying bed heights…

This tri-tone Rampside was the first one I’d ever seen in the metal, and hopefully it will not be the last. For more information, the full CC on the Rampside can be found here.