Cohort Sighting: “Modernized” Kaiser Henry J Found In Havana

Kaiser Henry J

When I first glanced at this shot of a Kaiser Henry J posted at the Cohort by RiveraNotario, I did a double-take. What’s going on here? Has Chip Foose set up a shop in Havana? The bumper from some unknown (maybe one of you will recognize it) car really changes the front end, and this little Henry is sporting a one-piece windshield! Now where in Havana did they find a windshield that would fit (reasonably well) on a Henry J? It took a bit of body work, especially at the top, since the new windshield is squared off. But it works, and gives us some idea of what the Henry J might have looked like in later years had it not had such an early demise. Great find.  BTW, here’s what the original looks like.