Car Show Outtake: Royale Ride

The final B-body convertibles were something to remember: Big, luxurious, gas-sucking dreamboats. Should any of you CCers want an Olds version of your very own, last-year ’75s are readily available, thanks to owners who socked them away for decades, hoping to cash in. Today’s find isn’t a 1975, but the (in my opinion) more attractive ’74 Royale drop-top.

The ’74’s more futuristic-looking taillamps and simple vertical-bar grille are much more attractive than the 1975’s fussier nose and more traditionally-Oldsmobile rear lamps. And this one was particularly sharp in navy blue with my preferred choice of white interior trim.

The period-correct Crager S/Ss also added to the appeal. What a sharp boat!

My only question is why did GM play down the Royale ‘vert during the last couple of years of production. You would think the dreamboat convertible would get a big two-page spread in the prestige brochure, but no. Instead we get a Royale coupe instead!

That ’70s Green speck at the bottom of the page below is the only image of the convertible in the 1974 Olds catalog. Think maybe it had something to do with sales tapering off? “Gee Mr. Robertson, I didn’t even KNOW a convertible was still available.” Ah well…