CC Outtake: Questionable Repairs

Duct tape repair

The Urban Dictionary defines bodge as a quick and dirty job, something done very hastily. Make it look good for the next day or two and if it falls down after that, it’s alright. I have to say it is one of my favorite words and coming across a bodged up beater always brings a smile to my face. A duct taped mirror is a classic but follow along for some other more questionable and inventive repairs.

Mercedes Benz

Sometimes the proper factory parts cannot be sourced or the owner feels it isn’t economically justifiable to properly repair the old hack so the results of these can be quite interesting. Take for example the Mercedes above which features a two for one hack repair. First is the classic colored tape repairing a turn signal lens but with a twist as the owner make it extra cheap by using a company’s logo tape rather than buying some plain stuff. For the inventive nature of the second fix he deserves admission to the space program. This particular car had the European headlights which aren’t easy or cheap to obtain here so he managed to find a clear serving dish that fits. I’m not sure how the resulting light quality would be on a dark secondary road but you have to get close to notice anything is amiss.

wood rear window

Stock rear glass too expensive for your Bronco? How about some wood and plexiglass?

Duct tape body repair

Duct tape isn’t just for securing broken mirrors. Does your can have body damaged but you can’t weld? No problem as duct tape also makes a for fine body panel patch as modeled by this Plymouth Caravelle. Painting is an optional, additional step for those not lucky enough to own a silver car.

Toyota 4Runner

An old t-shirt wrapped in a plastic bag make a fine rear windshield wiper replacement for those vehicles that don’t warrant the $5.99 to buy the stock item.

wire door repair

Here is one that came with a Chrysler LeBaron I bought. The previous owner told me he had unsuccessfully attempted to repair the inert passenger side window and the rubber weather stripping had come off the door as a result. Rather than repairing it he lassoed it with a length of wire. This lasted exactly one trip under my ownership before one of my boys ripped it off. A quick application of super glue and it was correctly rectified. I never did repair the window but when the exterior door handle broke I did discover a further bodge …

LeBaron door

The reason the window glass didn’t move up and down was that someone had elaborately placed several bungee cords to hold it in place. Rather than disturb the delicate balance I elected to keep this bodge in place.

Lada dash before

If I am poking fun at others for their repairs I better at least own up to one of my own. I’d traded the aforementioned LeBaron for a very rough Lada Niva. The worst bit was an extremely damaged dashboard which had been salvaged hacked at by a stereo thief. Not wanting to spend much (any) money on it I embarked on a bodge of my own.

Lada dash after

I had a random selection switches left over over from a previous project which I pressed into service. The metal surround was cut from panel off a scrap furnace. See that panel below the heater controls? I created that with some miscellaneous Niva interior plastic, some wood wall paneling and the random switches.

Have any bodges you’ve done or come across to share?