Car Show Outtakes: Camping, Colony Park Style

I recently went to the Hooters charity car show, in Davenport, which attracts lots of cool vintage iron. We’ll leave the full walk-and-talk of this show for another time, however. What I want to show you today is this Mercury.

You may remember this wagon from the Car Show Classic post some time ago. But back then, it was all by its lonesome. Today, it has a friend.

A vintage Airstream, to be specific. Suddenly it’s 1965, right down to the aluminum folding chairs and red-and-white checked picnic table. All that’s missing is a transistor radio, a cooler full of your favorite beverage and the requisite 1965 happy family.

Looks to be quite original inside. Do you remember those plaid coolers? They were before my time, but my dad and uncle sure would!

All in all, this was a nice surprise amongst the Road Runners, Mustangs and Camaros. I’m sure Paul is drawn to this vintage rig, but you can’t take it off road like you can a Chinook!