CC Outtakes: Late Night Town Cars

As CC’s self-imposed Brougham author, you will not be surprised to hear that I love Lincoln Town Cars. Just the other night, I spotted three representatives of the last of this proud and now-defunct line.

On the way home from my folks’ house, I decided to drive through the local Chevy dealership to see if there was anything interesting. There was no CC material, but I liked these dew-covered Town Car Continental Editions. I particularly like the ice-blue one…

Yes, that’s right: Continental Edition. In the last two years of production, 2010 and 2011, the top-trim version was a Town Car Continental. As I recall, they sported standard chrome alloys and an upgraded interior, as well as Continental Edition badges on the sail panels.

So it was that the last 2011 Town Car was available with a Continental package, while the very first “Town Car” was available on the 1969 Continental. Total role reversal. Care to discuss? Anyone? Bueller?

My guess is that the 2011 Town Car was also the last American (er…Canadian) car with a stand-up hood ornament.

Fare thee well, Town Cars. Never fear, you will one day be a true Curbside Classic!