Car Show Outtakes: Five Classic Water Cooled Volkswagens

In the first half of the seventies Volkswagen finally entered the modern automotive world with their all new Passat and Golf. I caught this post-Beetle-era fivesome at a great all brands all ages car show recently. First the V-Dubs, the rest follows later.

Here’s a 1980 Passat LS. This first generation of the Passat, the B1, was fully based on the Audi 80 and was introduced in 1973.

The Dasher’s dash. For a German car from that era it’s very well optioned, given the radio, gear shift knob and steering wheel.

The longitudinal 1.6 liter SOHC engine in the FWD Passat.

The Volkswagen purists pur sang will love this immaculate 1978 Passat GLS.

As clean as a whistle, its 75 DIN-hp 1.6 liter engine.

1991 Volkswagen Golf CL. The factory Golf Mk2 Comfort Luxus certainly didn’t have such a smooth hatch and lowered rear plate, let alone the rest. Not only old Beetles are entitled to get a special owner’s treat.

The last RWD rear-engine generation of the Transporter was the T3. It switched from air cooled to water cooled gasoline engines in 1982. This 1985 T3 has a 1.9 liter Wasserboxer.

Lunchtime! A 1981 T3 pickup food truck with the 50 hp 1.6 D engine, the first diesel engine ever in a VW Transporter. I wonder if it runs on waste frying oil.