Car Show Day #1: Are Canadian Car Shows More Like The Way I Like Them?

Admittedly, I don’t go to car shows much; hardly ever, actually. Partly that’s because right around Eugene they tend to be very stereotypical hot-roddy things. I’d rather go hiking. But Canadiancatgreen posted a bunch of shots that he took somewhere in…that reviled country to the north of us, and it looks like my kind of car show. Gobs of ordinary older cars, like this ’64 Dodge. Looks like it’s sitting at a fairgrounds parking lot in Iowa in 1968.

And…there’s more to come, as the AMC and Studebakers are each getting a post of their own.

1956 Dodge

1954 Dodge

1959 Edsel


1959 Ford


1978 Subaru


Alfa Coupe


Ford EXP


Chevy convertible truck


Dodge or Plodge or something like that


Buick Turbo Regal

’64-’65 Valiant Barracuda (note “Valiant” badging on back)


1962 Buick Skylark


194? Lincoln Coupe



1951? Chevy


1958 Edsel



1960 Narrow Track Pontiac



1968 Dodge Polara with 440

1951? Chevy fastback

1956 Meteor


You know what


Vintage A&W trailer





1935 Chevrolet


’55 Pontiac


Austin healey

1956 Lincoln

Big ol’ Lincoln




Kaiser or Frazer


1949? Olds 98


’56 Caddy

1950? Chevy



1956 Ford





NSU Prinz



Dodge Aries K


Dodge 600ES


Grand Am


Plodge Valiant