Car Show Outtakes: Hot Rod Divco Bread Delivery Truck And Citroen Fondue Delivery Car

Without a doubt, these have got to be a couple of the most unusual CCs at a car show that I’ve ever encountered.

According to information gleaned on Wikipedia, this vehicle is a Divco Twin  delivery van, although it’s obviously no longer stock at this point. These were built during the time that twin Coach, which designed this van, acquired Divco.

A unique design feature of these trucks when new was the ability to drive it either sitting or standing, I imagine to expedite multiple deliveries in the same neighborhood. I don’t think that’s the case for this particular Divco any more. Can you imagine such a feature on any mass-produced vehicle built today, in today’s legal and regulatory climate? Yeah, me neither.

The Continental flathead four-cylinder engine that originally resided here has been replaced with the ubiquitous small-block Chevy V8 ( what else? ). 

Amidst the go-fast seriousness are tons of period-correct memorabilia, including a retro-styled wooden radio / phonograph, vintage Coca-Cola beverage cooler, and hula girl bobble-dolls on the dash.

The owner paying tribute to this van’s workaday roots, while also displaying a sense of humor.

Whether this is a genuine former Helms truck I have no idea, but the famous Helms logo does fit in with the general theme.

The Halibrand wheels and whitewall cheater slicks are a nice, period-correct hot rod touch.

These pictures were taken in 2015. This would be the first and last time that I would encounter this vehicle at Bob’s, but not the last time I would see it. Just last summer I saw this same truck, sitting in a specialty vintage car dealership located on the former site of Don Kott Ford in the city of Carson, Ca. The Halibrands were replaced with red steelies and dog dish hubcaps, but it appeared otherwise unchanged. Its bread hauling days are over, but it must deliver plenty of smiles to its new owner, as well as any gearhead who encounters it.

Another odd CC on the same night was this prewar Citroen sedan, which has been turned into a rolling billboard and delivery vehicle for some fancy fondue restaurant.

I don’t know anything about these. Any Citroen experts who can fill us in? (It appears to be a Traction Avant 11. Much more here. ED).

The absence of obvious aftermarket gauges or controls makes me wonder if these Citroen still sports its original drive train.

Beautiful car, but I can’t help but wonder how that 75 year-old European drive train holds up in San Fernando Valley heat…