Neighborhood Outtakes: 1986 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Wagon – The Last Box B Wagon in the Neighborhood

No, that’s not the shadow of me holding my iphone to my i.  That’s me standing in salute to the last Box B wagon in the ‘hood.

Sorry for the poor picture focus, but shooting in the blazing summer sun is my least favorite time to do so, and seeing the screen and the yellow focus box appear was obviously not in the cards. But you know what the business end of a Box-B wagon looks like. How many dozens have we featured here over the years?

I’ve seen this one coming and going on the roads, but didn’t realize it lived on the very outer fringe of my designated 6 block radius. Maybe it was one over; if so, mea culpa. And doesn’t it seem like just yesterday when these were everywhere? I’m struggling a bit with the idea of GM Bs becoming pampered collectibles instead of hard-scrabble haulers. Here’s my idea of a proper Caprice.

This one is in quite nice shape, but given its DD status, it’s no pampered garage queen either. The interior is particularly well preserved.

I know it’s an ’86 from the Carfax I ran on its plates. According to the Encyclopedia, 45,183 of these were sold that year. The only engine listed in that publication is the venerable 305 Chevy V8. Several hp ratings are given, but I suspect the two lower ones, 150 or 155 are the applicable ones. The subject having been discussed ad nauseum here, I won’t exactly be going out on a limb by saying that the 305 was a bit perkier than the Olds 307 that replaced the next year, in 1987.

So join me in saluting an all-American classic, which like old soldiers “never die; they just fade away”.