Car Show Outtakes: Mayfair Park Car Show Lakewood, CA.- Part 3

Good day my fellow gearheads! After much delay, here’s the long-awaited third installment of the Mayfair Park car show this past summer. Grab a beer and your mouse- you’re in for a ride.

First up is this cool assortment of vintage air cooled VeeBubs…

Including this red hot ( and rare ) notchback coupe.

This cool blue Karmann Ghia.


And this minty-fresh Beetle ( the same one featured in the cover photo ) .

A slick Ford highboy roadster and a sweet ’62 Impala.

A couple of lead sleds- a ’48-’50 Merc ( I think ) and a ’47 (?) Caddy.

I don’t know what this thing is…

This super-nice Ford Tudor sporting Chevy power ( what else ) ? I have to admit- the time honored trend of endowing prewar Ford street rods with Chevy power is starting to wear on me a little, since a properly built 351 Windsor can be built to perform just as well as a Mouse, and for not much more money.

A ’71 / ’72 Pontiac LeMans, a ’57 Bel Air, an Austin Healy MK 3000, a ’56 Bel Air, and a postwar Ford coupe.

And speaking of the Austin Healey, this one is hiding a big secret…

A 327 Chevy! I’m not too keen on those flimsy plastic fuel filters dangling right above the engine, but to each his / her own. Just replace it frequently and keep a fire extinguisher handy.

A view inside the Healey. WITH a manual trans, the way a car like this should be.

Another 300-series Chevelle two-door post sedan sporting the Pro Street treatment. Is this becoming the next big thing?

A sweet ’66 LeMans ragtop. It’s rather refreshing to see one of these that hasn’t been turned into a GTO clone.

This gorgeous old Plymouth Fury drew me like a moth to a flame, and I’m not even a Mopar guy.

I can’t remember what size the engine was in this beauty, but it sure is clean under there.

This Bel Air kustom was retro-cool.

I’ll end this installment with these nifty and rare A-body Barracudas. In all my years of vintage car spotting, this is only the second or third time I’ve seen an A-based Barracuda ragtop in the flesh my whole life.


I wanted to make this post longer, but this brutal heatwave is sapping my strength, so I’ll stop here. Keep your eyes peeled for part 4!