CC Outtake: Toyota Chinook – Agnes

We’ve covered the Toyota Chinook a couple of times, mostly here. But I couldn’t walk past this one down the street a few blocks without commemorating it, given how well preserved it still is. These were so popular once, at least on the West Coast. And they obviously still have a few loyal followers.


Obviously, I’m a Chinook lover, and the similarities to our Dodge Chinook Concourse are apparent. The Dodge is bigger all-round, and has amenities the Toyota version lacks. But the Dodge also has an 11mpg thirst the Toyota lacks, which was of course a significant part of its appeal, along with a commensurate lower price.

The Toyota Chinook has a pop-up top, so that once can stand while figuring out where to stow all the gear. It was a popular alternative to the iconic VW Westfalia campmobile, and it engenders some of the same kind of love today. Needless to say, its Toyota drive train was rather more bullet-proof than the overworked VW’s.


Based on the color scheme, I’m guessing it’s a 1978 or 1979, as that was the year Chinook used those colors on the Dodge. But who knows. The point is that it’s still around.