Car Show: The Answer is Always Miata

There is a saying, that whatever the question is, the answer is always Miata. Here is a new question. What is one of the most modified cars around today? The answer is of course Miata.

I discovered “The Red Door Meet” earlier this summer, and went back a few more times to check out all the cool cars. Looking through my photos I noticed something. I had seen lots of 1st generation Miata’s,  and virtually none of them appeared to be stock.

The Miata seems to be a blank canvas to automotive artists. You can fight among yourselves if what has been done to these cars is sacrilege or not, but none can be called boring.

Let’s start with my favorite, this fantastic off-road Miata. Doing a little research on this car turned me on to an event called the “Gambler 500 Rally”. People compete in old beaters and it looks like it would be a blast to participate in.


According to the video, the car has over 200K miles, and was pretty much used up, so why not do something kind of crazy, like making it into a poor man’s Aerial Nomad. I was kind of surprised to find out the car uses stock Miata wheels. Who would think rubber like that would fit on a stock wheel?

Speaking of Aerials, how about this Exomotive Exocet? This is a kit car that turns 1st and 2nd generation Miatas into a budget Aerial Atom. While possibly one of the worst daily drivers ever, this thing must be extremely fun on a twisty road.

I’ll be honest here. This last one tests my automotive tolerance. This blank canvas has been turned into a Velvet Elvis painting. What you see here is called Kimoji style. When I first spotted this car I figured that this was about as bad a thing that you could do to a poor little Miata.

A month or two later I saw it again, and by god the car had gotten worse. Those stars added insult to the previous injury. The car is now almost too painful for me to look at. I’m sure the owner is a fine person, who has put their heart and soul into the build, and maybe someone will point out some amazing fact about the car to change my mind, but until then, I say “Kill this one with fire”.