Curbside Classics: Milnerton Flea Market – Working Classics



I am a regular reader on this site, have laughed along and learnt from all of you, and now want to say ‘Hi!’ and add to the conversation. I recently dropped by Milnerton Flea Market here in Cape Town, and want to share what I saw.

This weekend market is hugely popular all year round. Stall holders arrive in their own cars with their stock and will park on their regular spot. Newcomers might have slept in their cars in a queue through the night for a chance to trade. This is where love of old cars and the pragmatism of keeping an old car going because one can’t afford anything else intersects. A lot of what happens here echo’s my childhood, which is where my love of old cars began.


For years this early 60’s Ford Zephyr has taken the same spot along the fence, and the owners trade magazines. The car was so hemmed in this was the best shot I could get. I felt a bit thwarted  but life is full of surprises..


This Chevrolet 2500, a 4 cylinder model, was, along with it’s stablemates, the 3800 and 4100 6 cylinder models, the best selling range in South Africa before the 1974 petrol crisis. This car  has the 4 headlamp setup from the more luxurious 3800 and 4100.


These VW Passat’s were popular in hatchback, sedan and station wagon models, but have not survived in the same numbers as the Beetles assembled in the same Uitenhage factory here in S.A.



In the early 90’s Nissan bought out Sani Industries who had developed a conversion turning their bakkie [truck] into a 2 or 4 door station wagon. Three versions were produced before Nissan replaced them with the Terrano, which did not gain traction in this market. the rear end of the body was made of fibreglass. they were popular then, and with 3 doing duty at the market, have shown their durability. the vehicle is named for the Sani Pass which crosses the Drakensberg mountains from Kwa Zulu-Natal into Lesotho.


This got my attention! Diecast toy cars. Looking closer they were mostly Hotwheels models, not the 60’s Matchbox models I love. I only noticed the backdrop was a version 3 Sani when I looked at the pics afterwards.



Everything arrived on the roof of this Mk 3 Ford Cortina. the Big Six models had a real performance image, this 3.0 S Interceptor is one handsome car. The Cortina comes with a load of cutural baggage, cue the old ‘1 litre Brandy, 2 litre Coke, 3 litre Cortina’ humour.. sorry, I couldn’t resist!



The Toyota Venture is a rugged 7 seater, initially developed in Indonesia. This is still a popular segment for Toyota with their Avanza.



This 3 door Opel Kadett GLX is rare. It was offered only for the first year, ’84. After that all 3 doors were GSI’s, and Kadett’s were 5 doors. These cars are mechanically tough and last well, but..those door rubbing strips are still peeling 30 years on..I know it first hand, I had one.


This is a Mahindra Scorpio, not very old, but it fits right in here, tough, not pretty.

And so to the visitors car park..


Let’s fire up with a ’64 Holden EH series Special, Holden were solid sellers here alongside Chev till the early 70’s


Feeling miffed at not getting a good pic of the Zephyr, I followed my instinct to the far end of the parking lot and found this amazing Zodiac. A 2.5 litre six cylinder, as opposed to the 4 in the Zephyr, this was one of my favourite cars from childhood. Lovely raspy exhaust note.


A Mini Clubman still bursting with the rear window louvre.



Peugeot 504; later in the week going home in thick Friday afternoon traffic on Jakes Gerwel Drive, there she was again!


VW CitiROX – Citigolf production ended here in 2009. That lipstick coral colour on the Accent was a stock colour, strange then, not so much now.


This ’88 Corolla Conquest continued in production as the Tazz until 2006.


This Firebird was probably a special import when new, rare here.

I hope you enjoyed the cars, I’ve enjoyed sharing them with you!