Cohort Outtake: John Lloyd’s 1959 Lloyd Alexander TS 600 – The Lloyd Family Heirloom


John Lloyd, who has posted a number of cars at the Cohort, put one up today that would have grabbed me even if it didn’t have the same name as its owner. He left a very brief comment: “My ’59 Lloyd, just before I passed this Lloyd family heirloom to my brother.” But he didn’t explain the question we all have: did this Lloyd become a Lloyd family heirloom because of its name? 


The Lloyd, which was the third best selling brand in Germany in the mid 50s, was a small car (obviously) and had originally been powered by a two stroke twin. But the LP600/Alexander sported a very modern 600cc four-stroke twin, powering the front wheels. The Lloyd was the small-car brand of Carl Borgward’s automotive empire, which grew very rapidly in the fifties but imploded in the early 60s.


Lloyds were sold in the US during the great import boom of the 1950s, as this brochure from Pabst Motors in Milwaukee, WI. confirms. I had the rather unusual experience of riding in Lloyds both in Austria, where my godfather had one, as well as in Iowa City, where the high school boys across the street ended up with one. I wrote up that story here.

I’ve also done a proper history of the Lloyd too, so rather than repeat myself, click here.