QOTD: The First Annual Malaise Invitational Car Show In Eugene – Just When Did The Malaise Era End?

JK_YYC posted this poster at the Cohort, to make sure I saw it. Thanks! I will plan to go. Maybe some of the cars I’ve shot will be in it; this one assume will be for sure.

But about those years (1972 -1995). Seems to me the Malaise Era ended well before then. Just when is subject to debate, so go for it.

According to the “Malaise Era” page at Wikipedia it is between 1973 to 1983, although one could certainly argue that some cars were still stuck in the malaise past that date for some time yet. And some cars never had a malaise.

These were the worst years for performance, due to tightening emission regulations that the car makers struggled to meet. I may not have coined the term, but I have identified “The Most Malaise Car Ever”. I did coin “The Great Brougham Epoch”, but that covers a somewhat different era, overlapping the malaise era but starting sooner and ending later.

The end of the Malaise Era happened–thankfully–due to the wider adoption of fuel injection and other measures to improve performance despite the emission regulations, which continued to tighten. Ford’s EEC IV, a fully integrated electronic fuel injection and engine management system is a prime example of the new technology that arrived in around 1983 or so.

But 1995? The Malaise Era was a distant memory. But who am I to argue with what undoubtedly should be a fun event. And it’s not like some of the cars from that era didn’t still have an aura of malaise attached to them. I can think of a few…