CC: 1987 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

CC Cohort mobilene spotted this ’87 Turbo Coupe recently. His comment:

Or maybe an ’88; hard to be sure. But you don’t see them on the road much anymore, especially not in this weather. And this one is in such nice external shape.  Props to this owner for *driving* this car.

They are getting a bit rare, and I’m rather fond of them too. I bought a first year ’83 TC; except for the NVH of its rather crude engine, it was  a nice ride. Pretty good build quality, light on its feet, and great fuel economy, if one kept out of the boost. The 2.3 L four really needed a balance shaft shafts though. And from what I’ve heard, the later versions like this one were improved in almost every way.

Power was now up to 190 hp, which given the TC’s light weight, made it quite brisk. And of course, cranking up the boost was a favorite past-time on these. The 2.3 might have been coarse, but it could handle big doses of forced air (11 psi, if I remember correctly). Maybe that’s why there aren’t many still around.