CC At 2.5 Years: Over Two Million Unique Visitors So Far – Care To Address The Assembled Multitude?

Two milliontwo million on the mall

Starting a web site is a bit like throwing a permanent party; you open the front door, put up a few balloons on the porch rail, and hope someone shows up. Well, the CC party just  keeps getting bigger, and the two-millionth unique visitor came through the front doorway sometime in the last couple of days, almost exactly after two and a half years. And 1.4 million of those came in the past 12 months, so the rate of new visitors is still growing. And how long do you stay when you drop in? An average of a bit over four minutes each visit; just enough for a quick drink, I guess. But that’s pretty long, for website visits.

I feel almost a bit ashamed, because my output of fresh, full-on CCs has slowed over the summer, as I’m desperately trying to finish a number of building projects and such. But the dedicated CC Corps of Party Hosts/Editors/Contributors has made it possible to keep the fiesta going. And we’re always open to new Contributors. Anyway, Party On! And if you’d like to tell us a little about yourself, or how you found the site, or some useful feedback, here’s the podium and mike to address the assembled multitude.