Auction Outtakes: Three Ultra-Low Mileage Vehicles Including A 2009 F150 With 389 Miles – Which Will Be Yours?

62 olds f85 lt 34

I’m not big on following various local estate auctions, but this one has been in the local newspaper for so long I just had to investigate the auctioneer’s website.  The auction is about ten miles east of me.

All three are one-owner, very low mileage vehicles.  Before I go into details, let me link to the auction, which is here and ends at offset times in the middle of the day on September 17.  What you will be reading is based upon their sale flyer.  Which of these unusually-low mileage cream puffs would you pick?

62 olds f85 rear

First up is this 1962 Oldsmobile F-85.

62 olds f85 engine

Powered by the aluminum 215 V8 with an automatic transmission, it has 15,359 miles on the odometer.  It looks very good all over and is advertised as having been repainted once.  Another picture, not seen here, shows it sitting on ancient Firestone radial tires.

1992 Taurus

Next up is this 1992 Ford Taurus powered by a 3.0 liter V6 and having 11,800 miles.

92 taurus interior

The interior looks good.

92 taurus lt front

However, it has had a fateful event on the left front…

92 taurus rear bumper

With a kiss on the left rear.

2009 F150

Finally, we have a wildcard of sorts, a 2009 Ford F-150.  Red is the definitive color for a pickup and its being a regular cab with four-wheel drive certainly captures my attention.  It being powered by a 4.6 liter V8 certainly adds to its allure.

2009 f150 interior

With a cloth interior, it isn’t exactly a full-on poverty spec model.

2009 f150 odometer

Best of all?  It is advertised as having all of 398 miles on the odometer. Practically new.

2009 odometer with trip


Sure, I was skeptical, but here’s a trip odometer from a different 2009 F-150.  I’ve driven several F-150’s of this vintage and they say “TRIP” if the trip odometer is being displayed.  Other than it being in kilometers, its layout is identical.

Which would you pick?  The auction ends September 17; at the time of this writing the auction will be closing in seventy-two hours and twenty-four hours after this piece runs.  Currently, both the Taurus and Olds have bids at $1,050 and the F-150 is at $11,600.  If interested, the auction (with a lot more pictures) is here.

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