CC Auto 2030: Time For Your Prediction For The Car Of The Future

We’ve seen Mercedes’ attempt to predict the car of the future, so how about we take a shot at it? Our time frame is a we bit shorter: 2030, as Auto 2032 just doesn’t have much of a ring to it. But what difference is two years going to make? It seems like automotive time is slowing down more and more. If you think I’m suggesting the car of 2030 will look quite a bit more familiar than this one, the answer is yes.


Since 2001, Toyota has been feeding us the same basic Camry, now in its third refresh. Maybe this will be the final Camry platform? Just extrapolate its daring progress in the past eleven years forward, and by 2030, it should look something like the bottom one, which Toyota showed at the Detroit Auto Show this year, dubbed the NS4. Welcome to the future! They should have painted it beige, though.

It’s not so bad looking, actually. And with its plug-in Hybrid Synergy Drive, what else is there to predict? The future is here, maybe with a few more design tweaks. Or am I too getting too jaded? Your turn: