CC Capsule: 1951 Dodge Coronet Diplomat

I saw this sitting in a driveway for sale recently. I don’t know where they got it, but the rope under the bumper says how.

For the nineteen fifty-one model year Dodge Coronet got a grained vinyl covered dash; pretty exiting stuff. That year also saw the introduction of new Oriflow shock absorbers. I don’t know how well they worked, but I’ll bet it was no Porsche in the corners anyways.

It sure looks nice, but like my friend says “Dodge is not a brand, it’s an adjective”.

It’s optioned with a roof rack, which seems a bit odd for a “sporty” hardtop coupe. Too much luggage, or was that just fashionable back then?

As far as the engine goes, we should find an L head straight six with a single barrel carb under the hood. Introduction of a V8 was still two years away, in nineteen fifty three. But a semi-automatic transmission was available.

If you want to buy it, ask for Eric, but last I saw it, it was loaded unto a trailer. Sure would look nice to drive around in.