Cohort Siting: Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo – Elusive But Finally Caught Down Under

Nothing like having CC Cohort all across the globe to turn up elusive cars, like this Mitsubishi Cordia Turbo. We had a CC on the Cordia a while back, and Charkle the 2nd (Chaz at CC, I think) said he had seen one in his neighborhood in New Zealand; and it has finally been caught. Looks to be in fine shape, too. I’m beginning to think NZ is the Oregon of the Southern Hemisphere, in more ways than one.

It seems that the Cordia (and other Mitsus) were quite popular in that part of the world, probably as a result of Mitsubishi having established itself as an independent brand there well before the US. Until about 1982 or so, Mitsubishis were all sold by Chrysler as Colts and such. And it seems the Cordia Turbo was strong performer. Now this ad is a bit confusing, because it talks about a 1600 cc Turbo. But the Cordia Turbo we got was the bigger 1800cc unit. And the one shot here looks a bit different too. But it is a Cordia Turbo: mission accomplished.