CC Capsule: 1952-53 GMC Pickup – New Design, Not Advance Design

Go looking online for information about the GMC version of the Advance Design trucks and you’ll come up with very little. For the Chevy you’ll find more than one list of year-over-year changes, but nothing remotely like it for the GMC. I found one source that talked about the GMCs separately, and it claims that GMC called these trucks “New Design.” Nobody cares; everybody lumps the GMCs and the Chevys under the Advance Design banner today.

But the two trucks do share a great deal. Grilles and badging are the primary visual differences. I did find out that GMC used the four-bar grille from 1949 through the end of the model’s run; previously, the grille had three bars. And in 1954, just like the Chevy, these trucks got a single-piece windshield. I assume that GMC, like Chevy, switched from turn-down to push-button door handles in 1952. Et voilà, this truck is from 1952 or 1953.

Unlike Chevy, which badged each Advance Design truck with its series number, GMC leaves series identification as a frustrating exercise for the discoverer. To the CC Commentariat: do you recognize any signs that help narrow that down for us all? At least I photographed this truck (on film!) in a beautiful setting, a historic neighborhood on Meridian Street in the Near Southside of Indianapolis.