CC Capsule: 1956 Ford Squire: For A Man With A Load On His Mind

(first posted in 2011)   That tag line comes from the Squire’s ad, which I’ll show you shortly. But It’s not what was on my mind when Stephanie and I dropped by The Sports Car Shop the other day. Actually, it’s interesting to compare what the two of us did have on our minds after first seeing this cute little English Ford Anglia Squire wagon.

Given that Stephanie’s maiden name is Squires, and she’s an Anglophile who loves little vintage British wagons, she flipped over this one. “Why can’t they make cars just like this, but with a few modern accoutrements? Like an automatic transmission, and air conditioning?” Why not indeed!

And a peep into the Squire’s nice redone interior only increased her desire. “Look at that cute little leather door pull!”

I peeped into the Squire’s engine compartment. The 1172cc flathead four was almost lost, even in that small space. Originally rated at 36 hp, this has non-stock twin SU carbs. 42 hp, perhaps. So much for adding an automatic and A/C to that. Never mind hauling that load.

So here’s that ad. These little wagons were similar to the Hillman Husky, and were shorter than average, and almost more sort of a precursor to the modern hatchback than a genuine estate car. The load on the man’s mind better not be too big of one.

Well, as I said, that wasn’t on my mind. As soon as I saw the Squire’s distinctive vertical grille, unique to it, and unlike the cross-hatched Anglia’s grille, something else popped into my head. How about you?

The Hongqi Red Flag, China’s first passenger car, which premiered in 1958, just three years after the Squire? Hmmm.

The look is so identified with China’s top brass, that the neo-Red Flag dropped its RR-like grille and went with the retro look too. So I’ve gotten that load off my mind now.