CC Capsule: 1959 Ford F-500 Fire Truck – Like a Good Neighbor


One of my hobbies is collecting vintage film cameras. I have a whole bunch; I lost count at about 75. I shoot all the ones for which you can still get film. I had film in a 1973 Konica SLR and was wandering around downtown Zionsville, a little town northwest of Indianapolis, when I came upon this great old Ford truck dressed in fire gear.


It advertises a State Farm agent in the village. I suppose that means this post does now, too. We should send this agent our rate card. Or a bill.


But given that this old girl has been so nicely cared for, maybe we’ll just give the agent a pass. I wonder if he drives her in parades. It’d be a shame if he didn’t.


That dashboard is all business, just as a truck dashboard should be. I love the row of matching knobs, although I’m sure it’s impossible to tell them apart in the dark. Let me just turn on the lights–aw crap, there go the wipers.


I think every little boy dreams of driving a fire truck. This insurance agent must never have fully grown up, because here he is, able to live that dream.