CC Capsule: 1961 Ford Falcon – Oh, to Live in a Neighborhood Where I Can Encounter Curbside Classics on a Stroll

My wife and I currently live in the most expensive suburb of Indianapolis. Lest you think our ship has come in, understand that this suburb annexed our modest neighborhood only so the next suburb over couldn’t do it. To proper residents of our suburb, our vinyl-village subdivision is considered déclassé, the cheapest way to get your kids into this suburb’s excellent schools. That describes us perfectly! But after our last son finishes high school this month, we have no need to stay. We’re itching to go. Already we’re walking through neighborhoods we’d like to live in to get a feel for them. It’s always a good sign when we come upon a curbside classic while strolling. Like this 1961 Falcon.

We found it in Indianapolis’s popular Broad Ripple neighborhood. We’d just finished dinner at our favorite area restaurant and decided to stroll the surrounding blocks. I was delighted, but not surprised: I’ve found several of the cars I’ve written about here while strolling Broad Ripple’s streets. It’s where the hip people live. And hip people sometimes drive cars like immaculate 1961 Ford Falcons. In another post here a few years back, the Falcon was named the #1 vintage car of hipsters.

Wherever hip people concentrate, home prices tend to skyrocket. I’ve watched Broad Ripple’s home prices nearly double over the last few years. My wife and I could probably afford the payment on a home here, but at our age we’d be making that payment until we are in our 80s. No thanks. Perhaps the tell for a neighborhood we’re willing to afford is that the curbside classics are in rough condition.

Broad Ripple, Indianapolis, March, 2017

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