CC Capsule: 1968 GMC Pickup With Chinook Camper – Creampuff

(first posted 10/30/2011)      I can’t let the weekend go by without some kind of truck or RV. And this one definitely caught my attention, sitting at an RV dealer in Junction City. It’s not for sale; yet, anyway. But the salesman was willing to take my number (aren’t they always?). This well-pampered 1968 GMC pickup has all of 42k original miles. And the Chinook camper is every bit as pristine.

For an original truck, this is a living time capsule. Who can forget that upholstery, and there’s the vintage CB radio too. Starting in 1967, GMC pickups were made on the same assembly lines as Chevy trucks, and their differences were minute, unlike in previous generations. This one undoubtedly has a V8 backed up by the THM. It could be a 307, 327 or 396. I know which one we’d all like to think it is.

The origins of Chinook go back to the thirties, when the Mair brothers started building little pickup campers. The company eventually became under the control of the Lukeharts, also pioneering RV builders, and finally went belly up in 2006. The Chinook Concourse, like I own, was their signature legacy product, along with the little Toyota pop-up camper that was once so popular.

So what will this rolling time machine fetch? Anybody’s guess, but I suspect it won’t be cheap.