CC Capsule: 1972 Mercury Comet GT – Rhymes With…

Let’s just say that the reincarnated Comet wasn’t nearly as palatable as the original. Whereas the 1960 Comet may have shared some of the Falcon’s underpinnings, it earned a distinctive and rather charming fresh suit. The only thing the badge-engineered 1971 Comet got to distinguish it from its Maverick soulmate (CC here) was a different grille and taillights. Wonderful! No wonder I almost forgot I had shot this Comet GT on a darkening evening some time ago.

Since we covered the Maverick pretty thoroughly, what’s left to say? All the same goodness was present here too. Even the 170 CID six was standard; you’d think the Mercury version would at least rate the 200 incher as standard. Based on the astute comments then, we can surmise this one has either the 250 inch six or the 302 V8, based on its five lug wheels.

Oh wait; I just remembered I shot one through the windshield of the camper on a recent trip. A four door, just to make the collection complete. And today, you are the beneficiaries of my full Comerick collection. Lucky for you! It’s so exciting to present them to you, I’m practically speechless. So I’ll leave it to you to add some brilliant commentary.