CC Capsule: 1973 Pontiac Grand Ville Convertible – Capping My Wedding Weekend


I came upon this car the day after my wedding. I got married this summer, in July. Second time around for both of us. Did this car get a second chance, a restoration? Or is it original? To my eye, it’s more likely the latter. There are lots of little faults and imperfections that these photos don’t pick up. This car is definitely a 20 footer. But that’s more than all right with me; I like ‘em original.


©2016 Jennifer Bowman. Used with permission.

I think Margaret and I both would have preferred that our first marriages had ended up more like this Pontiac: intact, still rolling, and looking pretty good. But that’s not what either of us got. Neither of us is shiny and new anymore, either. And really, both of us chose poorly the first time. We’re better off with each other and will be much happier in the long run. One advantage of finding love when you’re about 50 is that you know yourself: how you’re capable of loving, and how you need to be loved.


It looks like whoever owns this Grand Ville has given it a lot of love, too. It’s immaculate, inside and out.


That durable Morrokide looks showroom fresh.


Something about these wheels doesn’t seem right to me, though. I wouldn’t expect them to have maroon paint if they were original to the car. Perhaps the Pontiac cognoscenti can put it in proper context in the comments.


Our wedding weekend ended with dinner in downtown Zionsville, a small town dating to the early 1800s that has become a suburb of Indianapolis. Its charming Main Street is lined with shops and restaurants. We ate small plates al fresco. I forget what we ordered. I was much more charmed by this Grand Ville. And by Margaret, first and foremost.

We’re honeymooning in Ireland later this year. I wonder what curbside classics we’ll find there?