CC Capsule: 1974 Barth Motorhome – Old School Rig For The Next Generation

Those of you you’ve been around for a while know that in addition to trains, planes, buses, bikes and tractors, we also can’t resist motorhomes. The older ones are disappearing fast, and who else is going to document them while they grace our streets, often being lived in by folks with no other home? This rather stately old Barth caught my eye, with its handsome paint scheme and a bit of ribbed texture to its flanks. Beats some of the decrepit old Class-C el-cheapo hulks that are favored by the permanent city-street campers.

Barth was an old-time trailer, slide-in camper and RV manufacturer in Milford, Indiana, going back to 1963. They tended to make larger (in the old-time meaning of that) and better-than average quality motorhomes, and have a bit of a loyal following to this day.

Actually, from the “hip” sculpture on the front, this one doesn’t look like a permanent abode, but more likely a rig with which to go to the many music and “alternative culture” festivals in the PNW.

Barth seems to have had a strong affinity to Chevrolet drive-trains, as this steering wheel and instruments make clear. Many wore a big bow-tie on the front grille. Undoubtedly, there’s a 454 hiding under the engine cover. I don’t know the exact year of this rig, but from this Barth-lovers site, it appears that 1973 or 1974 is a good call.