CC Capsule: 1975 Toyota Corolla – The Quintessential Eugene Curbside Classic

The fact that Eugene is crawling with cars like this is what really inspired Curbside Classics. There’s a guy down the street that’s had a similar Corolla Liftback ever since we moved here in 1993. And they soldier on, and on, and on. But not just for the occasional run to the coast or hot springs, which are a bit too far for the old Schwinn Varsity or Peugeot 10 speed. Many are still in front-line working capacity, like this one, as a view inside will attest. Maybe it’s the spiritual power being channeled by the graphics on its side; is that the god of automotive immortality on the front door?

Maybe. Or is it Jim Morrison? Or? Whatever, or whoever, it seems to be working, as this 36 year-old Corolla looks to be in rude health yet.

I caught it at Mike’s Bargain Shed or something like that, where undoubtedly one can buy remaindered wood and wood products cheaper than anywhere else in the country, given that giant Seneca Sawmill is up the road less than a mile, as well as all the other mills in the vicinity. Lane County is one of the country’s powerhouses for wood products. We grow Douglas Firs like the Iowans grow corn; it just doesn’t get harvested quite as often (about 20 years, give or take).

And yes, it’s here to buy wood. But no rack on top? Not needed, as a glimpse through the back window makes clear: this one has been converted to a one-passenger micro-van. I’m tempted to do that with my Xbox. When in Eugene…

And it has a tow bar too, for when the hauling gets serious.