CC Capsule: 1976 Cadillac Sedan DeVille – A Vision in Amberlite Firemist


At first, I thought it was another mid-70s Olds Ninety Eight. I found one of those in this very parking lot a year before (see it here). Because really, the Ninety Eight didn’t look very different from the contemporary Cadillac Sedan DeVille, which this turned out to be. 


There. See? But the Olds had similar destruct-o-matic filler panels. Why buy the Cadillac when you could get the same body and most of the luxury at your Olds dealer for less?


Oldsmobiles, of course, came in conservative colors. I think most of them were pea green. But you could get your Cadillac in one of six metal-flake Firemist colors in 1976. Take that, stodgy old Oldsmobile!


This poor old Sedan DeVille looks very tired. But clearly it made it out for someone’s weekly grocery-shopping trip, and for that we salute it.

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