CC Capsule: 1977 Ford F-150 – Construction Special

Downtown Fishers, Indiana, is under construction. Ten years ago it was a few aging commercial buildings and a bunch of tiny houses. Today, the houses are mostly gone, being replaced with multi-story office buildings and apartments. It’s brought construction workers out in force. And sometimes one of them drives something interesting to work, like this ’77 F-150.

Look beyond the truck and you’ll see cars parked. I took this photo almost a year ago, and now that parking lot is gone. Little Fishers has for many years been a popular bedroom community outside Indianapolis, but now it is trying to forge its own identity, attract technology businesses, and create a hip and cool vibe that attracts millennials. When the downtown buildout is finished, there will be a little street parking and a whole bunch of parking garages.

Here’s a shot from my office building’s balcony of this lot from around the same time.

Here’s a shot from the same place a few weeks ago. I used to park in the lot that was there; now I fight for good street parking. On a good day I can park on the same block. On a bad day it’s a two- or three-block walk. If I can’t park at least that close I relent and use the garage (out of the photo at the right). I don’t understand my aversion to parking garages, but it’s real. At least ours is free.

But back to this truck: it’s just how we like ‘em here at Curbside Classic, original and well used. As I took these photos, a fellow walked up and opened the in-bed toolbox. “Nice truck,” I said. “It’s the boss’s,” he replied without even looking over. Kudos to the boss.

Just as I can’t remember when American automakers stopped using hubcaps emblazoned with their names, I’m sure I’ll one day not remember when it was the last office building went up in Fishers. But I’ll surely miss the old trucks that construction brought.

Fishers, Indiana, June, 2017