CC Capsule: 1978 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser


I’ve been driving by this field for several weeks now in order to take my daughter to Volleyball practice and keep seeing this car for sale.  Last week when the floods hit up here in Northern Colorado, I thought that it might be a goner.  However last night it was still there!…


I’d brought my camera just in case and figured fate had been tempted enough, time to take some pictures.  The Olds looked better from the street (about 100 feet away), the closer I got through the muddy field, the more small problems I could see.  However, for $1000 it looked fairly solid.


So what do we have – well, it’s a 1978, the first year of the downsized A-bodies.  The sign says it has a Chevy small block, presumably one of the ones offered as an option when new.  The wheels make it look fairly good, I’m not sure if I have ever seen rally wheels on an Olds wagon, if so certainly not color matched ones.


Luggage rack, hood ornament, even the rear wind deflector, it’s all still there.


When I looked inside, I saw something weird, the driver side seat and backrest is a totally different color than the rest of the seats. But the buttons in the middle are correct and it does not look like it was altered or repaired at any time. Just weird how it changed colors.


While taking pictures of the inside I tried to remember all the tips that Paul has verbalized here and tried to shield the light, but then I looked down and thought “Could it…?”  Lo and behold, it was unlocked so I took the opportunity to open the passenger door and get a better picture!  By the way, that purple/magenta color on the door panel appears to be the plastic changing color.  The passenger side was the same way and it was not painted or anything like that.


I think GM’s rally wheel style has been on more cars than any other they ever made and it looks good no matter where it ends up.  Those tires, on the other hand, have seen many better days…



A lot of Curbside Classics (both present and future) were lost here over the last week, this one somehow survived and is now waiting for its new owner.  At that price, if it runs, I’d be surprised if it was there much longer.