CC Capsule: 1979 Lincoln Continental With Six Inch Stretch – Anyone Interested?


CC reader Mike T. sent me some pictures and original documents of a rather unusual car that its owners are preparing for an estate sale. It’s a 1979 Lincoln Continental sedan that was stretched six inches, and only ever owned by its original owners. Not only are these unusual, but it was fascinating to see the bill of sale for the car as well as for the stretch job.


Here’s a better look at what this owner bought in 1979. The owner on the bill of sale is listed as “Southmedia Company” so presumably it was used for their business purposes.

Lincoln 1979 bill of sale

The Lincoln, pre-stretch, was sold for a flat $15,000ย  ($47,400 adjusted). The base price for the ’79 Lincoln sedan was $11,200, so this one was obviously loaded.

Lincoln 1979 options

This document shows the optional equipment as well as the “Extra Equipment” that would be provided by the coachbuilder.

Lincoln 1979 stretch receipt

Here’s the receipt for the stretch job, for $3,853 ($12,176 adjusted). What’s not clear is if that amount is included in the $15,000 sales price or not. I’m beginning to think so, as it it seems a bit of a stretch to imagine increasing the base price of the car by so much otherwise. If so, $47,000 adjusted doesn’t seem all too bad for a genuine limousine with a partition window.


The Lincoln went all the way to Ontario for its stretch job.


Here’s the back seat, with the extra leg room and partition.


And the view from the front.


Check out the phone.ย James…to the Henley Club. Or more likely What’s the best strip joint in Atlanta?ย  From the looks of the floor mats, this limo was used some.


The stately side view of the big Lincoln. That 6″ stretch suits it very well.


And the even statelier front view. Let’s not forget this was the very last year of the big Lincolns; in 1980 they would emerge from the spin cycle looking like shrunken cartoon characters.

Mike sent me these a few weeks ago. He was hoping to get an asking price from the family, but no luck so far. But if anyone is just dying to have a 1979 six-inch stretch Lincoln, say so in the comments and Mike will pass it along.