CC Capsule: 1983 Buick Skyhawk – When The CC Effect Strikes, It Sometimes Takes Just Minutes to Act

On the April day when Joseph Dennis’s excellent piece on the 1987 Buick Skyhawk coupe appeared, I read it, walked to lunch, and immediately came upon this Skyhawk sedan. Bam! That’s some powerful CC effect there.

I think this is an early Skyhawk. I knew that the J-car Skyhawks had several front-end treatments and I figured the one on the car I found would narrow down its model year (when I got around to researching it). Turns out Buick used the various front ends fairly indiscriminately over the car’s seven-year run.

Those tail lights mark this as an early car, I think. Maybe. I know some of the later Skyhawks’ tail lights had a bright strip down the middle, at least on some trim levels. It’s all so confusing. And it’s not like there’s a Skyhawk enthusiast Web site that charts all the changes.

But who cares? That this thing survives intact, complete, and with only minor rust is pretty darned remarkable.