CC Capsule: 1985 Chevrolet Sprint – The Mark IV Antidote

After feasting on that corn-fed beast of a Mark IV, some of us might be feeling a bit of indigestion. How about a little dose of the pink stuff, specifically this Chevy Sprint, as an antidote? The Sprint (AKA Suzuki Cultus/Forsa, Pontiac Firefly and Holden Barina outside the U.S.) was quite the pioneering little car, the first three-cylinder supermini to be sold in the Land of Lincoln.

Its 993 cc three-pot made all of 48 hp, but with a weight of 1,488 lbs, the Sprint wasn’t named all that ironically. Its 0-60 time of 14.5 seconds was only two seconds slower than that of the Mark IV, which had 7.5 times the displacement. Different strokes…

Obviously, fuel mileage was on a different order of magnitude: the ’85 Sprint was rated at 39/47 mpg in today’s EPA numbers. Back when EPA ratings were wildly optimistic, Sprint ads claimed 47/53 mpg.

This particular Sprint (and there are several around still) called out to me with its pink theme. Even the ubiquitous OREGON sticker is pink–never seen that before.  And it’s a MOM, too boot.

Someone’s mom really likes pink. I think the exterior actually is just well-faded red, at least judging by the paint on the door interior. And with what will mom replace it when the time comes? Which it surely will, no matter how rugged these little Suzukis may be. A pink Fiat 500, perhaps?