CC Capsule: 1986 Isuzu Trooper II Veggie-Oiler – Envious?

CC 192 085 800

There’s a healthy number of these Trooper II’s still in front-line service hereabouts. But this one caught my eye when I saw the “enviofuel” and “powered by vegetable oil” stickers on it. Not because veggie-fueled cars are so uncommon here, although the peak of that era seems well behind. No, it’s because it’s (obviously) a diesel, which was only offered on 1986 MY Trooper II’s. I’m not sure I’ve seen heard one before; at least not in recent history. 

CC 192 082 800

The Isuzuu2.3 L C223T engine was turbocharged, and belted out 87 hp, which was not too shabby for the times. I’m not sure why it was dropped for 1987; perhaps sales were just too weak. The diesel engined Isuzu pickups on the other hand are not scarce, so it’s a bit surprising. These engines are known for being super-durable.

CC 192 086 800

Here’s the veggie-oil tank; a very clean installation.

I’ve always been fond of these Troopers; I liked their no-nonsense styling (obviously influenced by the early Range Rover), tall passenger compartment, big windows, huge rear luggage compartment, and all-round toughness. I’ve often wished we’d gotten one instead of our Cherokee, but that was before the four door version came along. Just don’t mention its successor; the gen2 Trooper that came along in 1991, Ugh!

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