CC Capsule: 1986 Lincoln Continental – The Fox Gets A Fancy Tail

(first posted 3/22/2012)    Let’s make our trip to the bustle-back era complete. We started out with the 1981 Imperial, had a lengthy and controversial visit with the 1980 Seville, so let’s finish it off with a quick look at the last to join this flash-in-the-pan. The Continental arrived in 1982; like most fashion fads, the bustle-back spread faster than the latest flu. But as the last on board, the Coninental had perhaps the most tasteful; in fact it barely qualifies as a genuine bustle-back. Lincoln focus groups showed that the bustle-back was not really very popular, so they toned it down.  TheProfessor47 posted this 1986 Continental at the Cohort, so let’s give it the once over.

The Fox-bodied Conti arrived in 1982, as a thankful relief to the pained Versailles that it replaced. Compared to that pimped-out Granada, this was pretty tastefully done, if this whole (dead-end) styling direction is your thing, baby. It would have been even better if they’d ditched the long-outdated fake spare tire hump; that they even put it on the Mark VIII shows how hard it can be to let go of an icon.

The fact that this was built on the Fox platform showed what creativity and a bit of engineering elbow grease can do. Who would have thunk the lowly Fairmont would morph into this? Well, the Fairmont was a bit more honest, but the Connie still did the trick.  And with the endless possibilities to upgrade its drive train and suspension, the Continental certainly makes for a much more appealing car to consider actually owning and driving today. Right, Mr. Tactful?