CC Capsule: 1986 Toyota Truck – A Basic Shaggin’ Wagon from Toyota’s Angular Period

1986 Toyota truck g

Just what year is this truck, anyway? The angular styling gives away that it’s a 4th-gen Toyota Truck from 1984-1988. But Toyota changed these trucks’ styling so little from year to year that it’s hard to tell. If this one’s bed wasn’t covered, presence or absence of a CMHSL would date this truck to one side of 1986 or the other. If there were a V6 badge on this truck, it’d be from 1988, the only year it was offered. If there were a Turbo badge on the pillar behind the door, it would be from 1984-86. If I had crawled underneath the front end, presence of a solid front axle would have pegged it as 1984-85; an independent front suspension would have said ’86-88. I’ve got none of that. I’m guessing 1986.

1986 Toyota truck h

But this is the basic working Toyota truck: standard cab, black plastic grille, steelies. It’s refreshing: just try to buy so basic a Tacoma today. The simplest modern Tacoma features an extended cab, power locks and mirrors, air conditioning, and a touch display with a honkin’ audio system.

1986 Toyota truck f

Inside: bow to the brown. Further enhancing this truck’s cred, it’s a five speed. Hooray! You can, by the way, still get a five-speed Tacoma.

1986 Toyota truck i

Everybody remember how funny it was in the 1980s to scratch off the TO and TA from the tailgate to leave just YO? It stopped being funny by the 1990s.

1986 Toyota truck d

I was amused to find the bed covered and carpeted. When I was in high school, a fellow who did that to his truck would have been thought of as an aspiring ladies’ man.

1986 Toyota truck c

These have become uncommon here in Rustopia. I see at most a handful in a year’s time, and most of those are clapped out. Except for faded paint, this one looks like it has plenty of life left.

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