CC Capsule: 1987-89 Ford Mustang Convertible – Getting the Groceries

In the 1980s it wasn’t uncommon to see unrestored 1960s Mustangs still in use as transportation. It was uncommon by the 1990s. I assume collectors had bought the ones worth saving, and deferred maintenance and rust had claimed the rest. The Fox-platform Mustangs didn’t have the same level of collector interest as fast as the original Mustangs did, so they lingered on the road longer. After 30 years, it’s finally become uncommon to find one doing everyday tasks like waiting in the Kroger parking lot to carry home the week’s groceries.

It shows the effects of time and use: faded paint, a few scuffs and dings, that missing light cover, a little rust in unsurprising places. This car has daily driver written all over it. Just how we like ‘em.

Ford didn’t change the Mustang much between 1987 and 1993. This one doesn’t have an airbag, so it’s from 1987-89. Hard telling what’s under the hood here – this Mustang has been debadged. Every Mustang of this era had a Ford oval on the right end of the decklid. In these years all Mustangs were either LX or GT; based on lack of the GT’s lower bodyside cladding this has got to be an LX. An LX badge would have rested on the left end of the decklid. I think I see two tailpipes here, meaning the 5.0 lurks underhood.

There are a couple other weirdnesses here. First, there’s no CHMSL. Every other photo I find of LX convertibles of this era show a faux luggage rack on the decklid, the CHMSL tucked under the little spoiler at the back. Second, I remember those wheels as being from Mustang GTs of the next generation. But now we’re down the rabbit hole of minutia and not enjoying this car as the survivor it is.