CC Capsule: 1991 Plymouth Grand Voyager LE AWD – Not Dodging The Options

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Just the other day I went with my folks to an antique show. As we were walking in, I noticed a woody Grand Voyager in the lot. I was drawn to its largely intact Di-Noc paneling, but did a double take when I saw how lavishly this Plymouth was equipped.

AWD - Copy

That’s right, ladies and germs, this is a full-boat Grand Voyager LE, with wood siding, alloy wheels, captain’s chairs in the second row and–wait for it–all-wheel drive!

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Although the ’91 Chrysler minivans got new sheetmetal, interiors and other refinements, they still looked quite a bit like their 1984-90 forebears–and still had much in common under the skin. But AWD was new. A system engineered and built by Steyr-Puch in Austria, it was optional on all three flavors of Mopar’s “garageable van.”


When I was 11, my mom finally gave up on Volvo station wagons (us three kids were getting too big and too immature for the single rear seat) and ordered a 1992 Grand Caravan ES in monochromatic white, with charcoal leather, captain’s chairs and AWD. Even then, I recall rarely seeing AWD minivans on the road. Figure 20+ years of attrition, and, well, I considered this Voyager quite a find.

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It even had leather seating, a real rarity in a Plymouth, but I remember the LEs as being awfully plush. I think this one had to have been ordered new by a dealership as a “ringer” to put in the showroom. For one this loaded, I think most folks would have gone for the more prestigious Town & Country. In any event, it’s always nice to see a Plymouth still on the road! Even better, I found a mini CC at the show for fifty cents. You can’t beat that!

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